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Decentralized domain registration and management services. It is built on blockchain technology, primarily utilizing Ethereum and the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS), and aims to offer users with censorship-resistant, truly ownership-focused domain names. Here’s a summary of what Unstoppable Domains is and how you can set up a Web3 domain:

a couple of months ago i created a video on ens which is a complicated idea for novices and isn’t really a fashionable topic so it just had 5 000 views just recently the procedure behind ens really did an airdrop leading to me and a ton of other people earning over 11 000 just for my initial financial investment of 60 to register the name whiteboardcrypto.ef i’m here to share something newer and quite perhaps even much better than ens invite to whiteboardcrypto the top youtube channel for crypto education and here we describe subjects of the cryptocurrency world using analogies stories and examples so that you can quickly understand them in this video we are going to be describing what unstoppable domains is how they might be better than ens and what that indicates for people entering the complex crypto space prior to we really get to comprehending the power of unstoppable domains the first thing we’ll need to do is comprehend dns here at white boards crypto we enjoy utilizing examples so that’s exactly what we’re going to be using to help you comprehend dns so dns represents domain name service which is a fancy way of stating that it is a



What is Unstoppable Domains? Unstoppable Domains leverages blockchain technology to supply users with domain names that are not managed or censored by any central authority. Unlike standard domain registrars where domain ownership goes through the guidelines and guidelines of centralized entities, Unstoppable Domains shops domain ownership information on the Ethereum blockchain. This guarantees that as soon as you own a domain, no one can take it far from you or hinder your capability to use it. Setting Up a Web3 Domain with Unstoppable Domains: To set up a Web3 domain with Unstoppable Domains, follow these steps: a. Go to the Unstoppable Domains site: Go to the Unstoppable Domains site (https://unstoppabledomains.com/). b. Look for your preferred domain: Use the search bar to check if your preferred domain name is readily available. You can search for traditional domain extensions (e.g.,. com,. net) along with blockchain-based extensions (e.g.,. crypto,. zil).

to your internet service provider stating yo where’s google the internet service provider finds out and goes to where google is tells them that you are trying to find them and then grabs a bundle back to send out to you now the plan is then unpacked by your computer to reveal you the entirety of the google.com web page using complicated mathematics and software application all of this communication takes place behind the scenes but to you it’s simple and easy to use in fact if we needed to key in into the url bar instead of google.com a lot more individuals would be puzzled right we don’t speak in numbers or ip addresses we speak in dot coms dot orgs and internet because it makes good sense to us so that’s essentially what a dns is a translator for human beings to speak machine code next up let’s see how this works for crypto ens is basically the same thing that i simply mentioned except it’s for ethereum ens means ethereum name service and pretty much lets me inform you that whiteboardcrypto.eth is my wallet address so you can just type that in and pay me 20 if you want by the way if you don’t have 20 and you wish to support the channel do not hesitate to leave a like listed below it’s complimentary and it rewards all our hard work on this video and the past hundred that we’ve been really hard at work creating but anyways if you’re not used to comprehending crypto the option to sharing whiteboard crypto.eth with someone is i ‘d need to share them this i can’t tell someone that and i could not reliably type that into a computer system you need to copy and paste it and that is essentially what ens does is equate whiteboardcrypto.ef into that address now as you saw the title this video has to do with unstoppable domains so similar to ens is similar to dns unstoppable domains resembles ens however i have discovered it’s navigated four big edges that make it a little bit much better top they allow numerous wallets so personally i believe the coolest thing unstoppable domains does is create a multi-wallet wallet and this indicates you can add your wallets for various coins into their software application and after that you can literally h.

c. Purchase the domain: If your preferred domain is available, you can purchase it by clicking it and following the directions on the website. You will require a cryptocurrency wallet (normally Ethereum) to finish the purchase.


can get a wallet name that you can reroute to many other coins plus you literally are getting a domain now this suggests you can host an actual website on whatever domain you schedule personally i have some prepare for whiteboard.crypto however it’s too early to share technically you can do this with ens however unstoppable domains makes it a lot easier ens likewise only lets you declare dot eth addresses while unstoppable domains lets you declare dot crypto dot zil dot coin dot wallet and a few others something to keep in mind here is that for both of these domain services to host a site you should utilize a web browser that supports the extensions like crypto or eth and i’ll in fact talk about this later on in the video another way unstoppable domains seems to me to be much better than ens is since they really just charge a one-time cost while ens is based on payment each year for white boards crypto.eth on ens i paid around 60 dollars to lock in 10 years and i really did this a couple of months back and ever since gas costs have probably made that seem really budget friendly for me i personally think the largest distinction here is the distinction in between ownership of a name instead of a membership to a name unstoppable domains have costs less than sixty dollars and you’ll never have to stress over forgetting to restore your address lastly they’re relocating to layer two so speaking of seeming affordable unstoppable domains is in fact launching on polygons quickly implying they’re moving from the main ethereum network to a layer 2 network which. Ipfs Unstoppable Domains

Unstoppable Domains provides an user-friendly control panel for managing these settings. Visitors can access your website or material by getting in the Web3 domain into their browsers. Usage Cases for Web3 Domains: Web3 domains, supplied by Comparable services and unstoppable domains, have various usage cases: a. Decentralized Websites: You can produce censorship-resistant sites hosted on IPFS and link them to your Web3 domain.

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Material Hosting: Store and share material on IPFS and utilize your Web3 domain to supply direct access to this content. e. NFT Galleries: Develop a gallery of your NFT (Non-Fungible Token) art and link it to your Web3 domain, making it simple for art collectors to view your collection. Similar services and unstoppable domains provide an unique method to establish ownership and control over your online presence in the Web3 era, where decentralization and censorship resistance are valued concepts. By establishing a Web3 domain, you can take pleasure in these advantages and check out numerous creative and functional usage cases.

pay with ethereum so the first thing we’re going to do is in fact click ethereum down here and after that we are going to copy this address go up to our metamask account and click send and then i’m going to paste the address in and then the quantity of ethereum i’m going to send out is the precise amount that they have actually shared here and despite the fact that it’s determined at little less than 40 this is what they’re requesting so that’s just how much i’m going to send i’m going to double check those eight 4 five 3 8 four 5 3 with 2 leading nos so that’s what i’m going to pay with we’re going to go ahead and click next as you can see here the transaction cost is going to be 24 which’s just because today ethereum is very congested so to get your transaction initially in line you have to pay essentially twenty 3 dollars for this video i’m gon na go on and pay that but i would not recommend you paying that today as you can see they’ve immediately upgraded that they have actually found a payment and now we generally wait on that payment to be verified [Music] if we go here and we click these 3 dots and view accounts in ether scan we can in fact see that 20 seconds ago that deal was made and if we click that transaction you can see here there are two block confirmations and some locations like to see 10 other like to see 35 and what this suggests is that there’s actually in this block there’s 2 more blocks that have been validated in front of it therefore this is to guarantee that this deal in fact does not get reverted because of some fork in the network the more block confirmations you have the more protected this deal exists we go they’ve emailed the receipt to my email and then they’ve likewise once again revealed me how much i paid so if i go here to go to my domains now i really own turtlecat.